Friday, December 27, 2013

The Best of...

Here is a present for all my readers.  Below you'll find a list of services that make my life easier while living abroad. 
On top of most Expats' list is staying connected with loved ones back home.**

Vonage is a phone service that works over the internet.  Before leaving the U.S. we transferred our U.S. number to Vonage, so we were able to keep the phone number all our friends and family already knew.  The number has been traveling with us to many countries throughout a few continents.  Check Vonage's World Plan, that allows you to call over 60 countries around the world in addition to calls State side.

Free way to video chat or call home.  The only problem, your contacts have to have the software installed in their computers or cellphones and they have to be online to receive your calls, which can be challenging when you're talking about older folks.  You can also buy Skype credit and call any phone number around the world.  Some friends also use MagicJack.

Not every cable provider has TV shows and movies in English, so we bought an Apple TV which worked wonderfully during our last post in Latin America.  It's great for downloading kids' shows and cartoons in English, at least it makes their life easier when you first arrive and feel immersed in a strange culture.  A few comforts from home won't hurt.  You will need to make an apple id and link your credit card to your account.  Then you just buy or rent movies and tv shows for a few dollars and enjoy american television wherever you are.  Netflix is another option but it doesn't work in every country.

Everyone loves Amazon, and it ships internationally

Excellent source for all beauty, toiletries and pharmacy needs.  I have enjoyed their quick service for years.

Snapfish is great for sending Holiday Greeting cards every year.  I have always ordered the cards through them but this year I went a step further and had them deliver the cards directly to my loved ones.  Great service every year!

Apple's itunes has excellent language instruction podcasts.  Once you download itunes into your computer you will be able to access all of the Podcasts.  Whichever language you'll need to deal with, there is a podcast that will teach you in easy 5 minute sessions, words of the day, survival phrases or even advance lessons,,,,for FREE! I've been subscribed to Italianpod101 since I learned I was coming to Rome.  Great video podcast for building vocabulary.

Alright, those were the tips of the day.  Arrivederci!

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