Friday, February 26, 2016

Alfajores Recipe

"Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey; I'll never ever let you go"  from Sweets for my Sweet by The Drifters

Hello!  We are still in February, the month of love, the shortest month of the year.  Did you celebrate Valentine's Day?  Do you hate #ValentinesDay?  I've been married for many years now, and there have been times when we just didn't bother celebrating. Maybe we've been married for too long, maybe it fell on a Tuesday...  

This past Valentines Day I read several posts from single friends against this particular celebration of love.  And yes, I know, it's all about the marketing and marking up the price of chocolates and roses.  But I've said it before, there is nothing wrong with buying roses on February 18th, they will still be appreciated.  So why restrict the celebration of love to one day or one type of love.  Life is too short to put restrictions on LOVE!

If you associate love with sweetness like I do, here is a great recipe for Alfajores.  If you've never tried them, they are a South American sandwich cookie filled with caramel.  Oh yeah! That spells L-O-V-E in my dictionary.

Mix the flour, cornstarch and powder sugar in a bowl.  Incorporate the butter until you have an oatmeal-looking mix.  Add cold milk little by little while mixing it in, until your dough comes together.  This should feel like a pie crust dough or sugar cookie dough.  Make a ball with your dough, and cover it with plastic wrap.Let your dough rest in the refrigerator for thirty minutes.  

Then, work in batches.  Take a piece of dough, roll it out and cut circles with a small glass of a round cookie cutter.  Bake the rounds for 12 minutes in a 300 degree oven.  The circles should stay white.  Let them cool.

Take some caramel and spread it on a cicle.  Cover with another cookie, making a sandwich.  If you get creative you can make them in heart shapes as an extra way to show your love.  Last step, but very important one, sprinkle with powder sugar and enjoy!

Arrivederci for now,