Sunday, April 26, 2015

Things to Do While in Rome: See it from the Sky!

“You will never know how high you can climb until you reach the top.” K.L. Toth

I have been living in Rome for a while now, and I have walked several times around the Vittorio Emmanuele monument in Piazza Venezzia, but had not climbed to the top until last week.  I was by myself, having a date with Rome; on the days I choose to wander around and get cosy with this wonderful city, I walk without a destination, letting myself get lost in its labyrinth of cobble-stone alleys, only deciding where to turn when I get to the end of a street.  

So I ended up in Piazza Venezia at the Vittorio Emmanuele monument, with its many steps and sculptures.  Piazza Venezia is the heart of the city, marking the end of Via del Corso and the beginning of the Roman Forum.  I know I've said other squares are also the heart of Rome, it's just that Rome has more than one heart.

If you decide to make the climb up the steps of this monument, after reaching the first terrace you'll find the tomb to the Unknown Soldier, right under the Goddess Roma and flanked with two eternal flames.  An entrance to the inside of the monument is also found at this level.  Three museums are housed inside this enormous monument, one to the Italian Flag, another to the Italian Unification and the National Museum of Italian Immigration.

But the best part to this monument is around the back.  If you walk around the first terrace towards the back of the steps you just climbed, you'll find a panoramic elevator that will take you, for seven euros, to the very top of this monument.  Once you exit the elevator your jaw will drop as you'll be in front of one of the most breathtaking views in all of Rome, because you can see a 360 view of the city.  Colisseum, cupolas of the many churches around town, the Roman Forum,  you can see it all from here.

I know you may be rushing from one fountain to another, from one church to another church, but believe me, if you want a birds-eye view of all your Roman landmarks, take the elevator on the Vittorio Emmanuele monument and see Rome from the sky!

Arrivederci for now,

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