Saturday, November 1, 2014

Dressing Like an Italian: Fall Fashion

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” Coco Chanel

This week I was out and about with my camera at hand, marveling at Italian women's fashion sense.  Actually, I always marvel at their fashion sense but I'm not always equipped to capture it in a photograph.  I've chosen the pictures of some fashionistas out there to help me illustrate some rules of the well-dressed Roman ladies; I'm not talking about Gucci and Prada outfits, I'm talking about tips that you can follow on any budget so you too can dress like an Italian fashionista.  

Fashion Inspiration#1: The color splash
To recreate this outfit dress all in a neutral color and add a bold accessory.   In the photo below, this fabulous lady is wearing black and gray and carries a big red purse.  This color splash fashion style landed her in my #1 position.  Brava!

Fashion Inspiration#2: The military green jacket
Military green is big during the fall, if you pair it with chunky boots and a messenger bag, the outfit is casual, chic and fantastic.  These two ladies know what they're doing!

Fashion Inspiration #3: Color Coordinate, Always!
Roman ladies take fashion very seriously, they plan their outfits and know what goes with what.  They love color coordinating.  At least two of your pieces have to match, shoes and belt, pants and purse, scarf and shoes.  If you want to dress like an Italian you have to color coordinate!

Fashion Inspiration #4: The tailored Jacket

The tailored jacket is a must here in Rome.  Italians are known for their slim fitting outfits, so drop the baggy sweatshirt and replace it with a well-fitted jacket and you'll do wonders for your look. Even if you are wearing a t-shirt underneath.  

Men are as big fashionistas as the ladies here, just look at this gentleman rocking the color splash rule!!! Neon green sneakers to brighten up your look, why not!  You can now find the European cut on mens clothing in the U.S. too. 

Fashion Inspiration #5: Break All the Rules
We all have learned the fashion rules, well, look at the outfit this lady put together: faux leather leggings,  light-colored coat, animal print booties.  I'm not sure how, but she pulled it off, all these different trends in one outfit.  You rock lady #5!

Fashion Inspiration #6: Tourists can Be Fabulous Too
Just because you are traveling and don't have your entire closet with you it doesn't mean you can't look amazing.  Plan your outfits ahead of time and you'll be a fashionista like the well dressed tourist who became my fashion inspiration #6 and the last one of the day.  See how she's mixed several colors, is wearing comfy but cool shoes and is rocking an outfit that will look great on her pictures.  "Complimenti" (my compliments).  And if Italy is part of your  upcoming travel plans, please read "10 things you should know before traveling to Italy".

I hope you enjoyed my fashion tips and that they help you be fashionable like the Roman ladies out there.  Arrivederci for now,


  1. It should be "Brava", not "Bravo", since you are talking about a woman.

    1. Thank you for the correction, I really appreciate it. Grazie mille!