Monday, June 30, 2014

Things to Do While in Rome: A Visit to Cinecitta

“Life's like a movie, write your own ending. Keep believing, keep pretending.” Jim Henson

Are you a fan of #Italian #movies?  Do you get Fellini's cinematic style?  Then a visit to Cinecittà is a must for you.  #Cinecittà is the Italian version of Hollywood. Their studios are still in use and they have tours that will show you around the sets and tell you movie trivia with which you can later impress your movie fanatic friends.

Cinecittà is easily accessible by metro.  Take the metro A to the Cinecittà stop, and voilà, you made it.  It's better to take the tour as you can only access the studios with the tour.  You will still have time visit on your own the #Fellini House and another pavilion where they have small displays about the different stages of movie making magic.  It will take you a couple of hours to visit Cinecittà and if you love movies, it's time well spent.

There is a very cute caffè inside the grounds of Cinecittà that it's all decorated with a cinematography theme.  Food is also good, as you can imagine.  The store is located adjacent the caffè; there you'll find    t-shirts, coffee table books and all kinds of merchandise that will make you remember your visit to this magical place. 

Tip: Next door to #Cinecitta there is a mall (with parking), if you feel like doing a little shopping while you are there.


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