Monday, February 3, 2014

Emergencies are Even Scarier Overseas!

"Success is the by-product of [...] preparation." John Wooden

This past week I had to deal with my oldest son's jammed finger (a basketball injury) and a flooded terrace that left unattended could have turned into a disaster at home.  It made me think about #emergencies and how situations can turn serious suddenly.  Do you know where to go in case of a medical emergency?  Do you know how to get there?  Do you know who to call in case you need help with translation?

I cannot stress how important it is for you to find out where to go in case of a medical emergency.  As soon as you get to a new city and specially if you have kids (any of your little ones accident prone?) make a practice run to the hospital/clinic, learn the route, find out if there is parking, how the system works.

I used to have all emergency numbers posted in my refrigerator when the kids were small.  I now realize that nothing has changed and emergencies can happen at any moment, to anybody.  So I am reinstating the practice and preparing myself for any type of emergency.   Here are the numbers you MUST have handy (maybe on the fridge, by the phone, in your nightstand).  Believe me, when you are under high stress you may not think as clearly, and you may have trouble finding numbers, or remembering where you stored them and of course, your cellphone will be out of battery.  Do yourself a favor, print them and post them in a place anyone can find them.

  • Write your number first, in case you have help in the house or hire #babysitters
  • Husband/wife's number
  • #Ambulance's number
  • Write the address of the closest #hospital/clinic and their phone number
  • #Fire department
  • Handy man
  • Office contact (maybe someone that could meet you at the hospital and help you translate?)
  • List any #allergies
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Also, have some drinking water stored if you have moved to an earthquake zone.  Candles and battery operated radios are also good to have.  Make sure you keep some canned food in your pantry, even if you are used to eating fresh food only.  Overseas, and specially in third world countries, you may have to deal with power outages and water issues frequently.  Also help may not come to the rescue as fast or may not be as efficient, so HELP YOURSELF!! Make a plan and be prepared.  I'm printing my Emergency Information Sheet right now.  Arrivederci!

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