Thursday, November 14, 2013

Getting Ready for the Big Move....

 “One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” Henry Miller

At  this point you know you #move is coming, arrangements have been made and the packers are scheduled to come next week.  What can you do to make your pack-out run smoothly?  Here are some tips that I have applied myself or that I have learned from fellow travelers:
Move #6. I was becoming a pro at this.  Of course it rained that day!
  • Do some organizing before the movers arrive.  Get rid of all the excess, donate, sell, recycle.  I know a friend that was surprised to unpack her filled garbage can at her new post.  I also know people that have paid excess weight fees only to throw away stuff once they receive their shipment at their new home.
  • Try to recruit some helpers, as much as you think you can do it alone, every time I've moved, the packing company has sent a crew to my house and believe me, you won't be able to be in all the rooms at the same time.
  • If you have small children, try to organize play dates or someone's help during the day(s) of your pack-out.
  • Are you moving to a place where you don't speak the language?  Save yourself some time by color coordinating your move.  Buy stickers of different color and assign each room of your hose a color.  My room is pink, kitchen is get it.  As the packer go through the house you will place the stickers on the boxes according to your color plan.  Once you get to your destination, you can tell the packers to place all the boxes with yellow stickers in the kitchen, all the boxes with pink stickers in your daughter's new room, etc.  It will be easier for you on the other end and even the children can participate and help.
  • Some folks travel to their destination to look for a house before the actual move.  If you are in that situation, make sure you take tons of pictures and measurements, if possible, so you can decide if certain furniture will even fit in your new home before shipping it.   I've found that it is useless to ship curtains as they never work from house to house.
  • Think about what will make you and your children happy the first few weeks in your new location.  I carry my recipe book in my suitcase.  Initially I feared all my recipes will be lost.  But I was also able to make some comforting and familiar food for my family if the day was particularly difficult.  Does your kid have a special blanket or toy?  Make sure it doesn't get packed so you can carry it with you.
  • I carry one of two framed pictures (preferable light or small ones) with me so I can place them in my new house and make it instantly homier.
  • Once you get to your new destination, don't rush, there is time.  I know people that have a few unopened boxes at the end or their tour.  Take it easy on yourself!
During my last move, I had to be back in the States for five months while my husband learned a new language for our future assignment.  I survived the first two months out of #suitcases.  Then we received a small air #shipment of 400 pounds, and lived the following three months out of that portion of my belongings.  By the end of that short stay back home, I realized I had not really missed the 20 foot containers that were in transit somewhere in the world.  Yes, my options were limited sometimes, but you manage.  It makes you realize that we don't need so much stuff to be happy.

Hope this helped.  Good luck with the move!!


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